At Ross Machine Shop we truly believe that when someone phones or walks through our door they are looking for service. In our line of work, everyone is our client. Whether it’s a breakdown or a new project we manage it with efficiency and precision to get you up and running as quickly as possible. No matter how big or small the job is, we feel it deserves the same amount of attention and detail. Along with Ross Machine Shop’s capabilities we also work hand in hand with Armour Steel Fabricators to accommodate your welding and fabricating needs. Our motto is “Where Quality Counts” and we take pride in delivering top of the line quality with outstanding customer service.


Ross Machine Shop has extensive experience in these two industries. A great deal of work Ross Machine Shop does is preventative maintenance on all sorts of equipment, for example refurbishing gearboxes, repairing, rebuilding and testing pumps, maintaining roll and conveyor lines. Recently, Ross Machine Shop has installed and commissioned manufacturing equipment such as conveyor lines, a double joint mill and a pipe finishing mill. We have machined rolls, housings, wear plates, couplings and much more. Ross Machine Shop also offers portable machining for flange faces, pump bases, motor bases, weld bevels, lap joints on valves as well as pipe cutting. We have experience with hydraulic maintenance and installation of new hydraulic lines. This is a general idea of what we have to offer, but there are many other repairs and installations we are capable of.



Over the years Ross Machine Shop has gained experience with many different types of farming equipment. We have fixed bailer rollers, shafts, hydraulic cylinders, splines, gears and much more. We do all sorts of general machining, welding and fabricating to get our farmers back up and running as quickly as possible.


Ross Machine Shop has experience with numerous types of mining equipment. We have manufactured new parts as well as repaired existing equipment. Pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders, gear boxes, compactors, shakers, conveyors and screeners are a short list of repairs that we have done. We have also manufactured roll over protective structures, seal retainers, packing glands, shafts, bushings, spacers and tail pulleys.


There is a multitude of things we can do for road construction companies, a few examples are line boring, turning brake drums, repairing hydraulic cylinders, machining pins, build up and resurfacing of crusher cones and other various parts.


In the past Ross Machine Shop has refurbished and manufactured progressioner cable drums, plow blades, shafts, hubs, pulleys, sprockets and frames for railway companies.


Ross Machine Shop has worked with fiber optics in the past. We are also capable of making moulds and doing tool and die work.