At Ross Machine Shop and Armour Steel Fabricators, employee health and safety is an integral part of the workplace and we are strongly committed to the prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses. To ensure this, we staff a full time health and safety coordinator and have implemented a health and safety program to develop and maintain the safest working conditions for all our employees. In February 2018, both Ross Machine Shop and Armour Steel Fabricators received their silver level Certificate of Recognition (COR) for their health and safety program and its implementation in the work place. Ross Machine Shop received a score 89.7% and Armour Steel Fabricators received a score of 88.5%. Take a look at this newsletter for more information.

We believe that safety begins with teamwork and is a shared responsibility between management, supervisors and employees. Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees are trained in safe work procedures and for addressing all safety issues promptly. They are also responsible for promoting general safety consciousness in the workplace. Employees are responsible for incorporating the safety procedures of the health and safety program into their daily work routine and have a duty to promptly report to their supervisor any hazardous conditions or incidents that result in injury, property or equipment damage, product loss, damage to the environment, or any near miss incident that could have resulted in one of the above.

All of the employees of Ross Machine Shop and Armour Steel Fabricators are responsible for the success of our health and safety program. By working together to fulfill our health and safety responsibilities, everyone will share the benefits of a safe workplace. Through training and education, all of the employees of Ross Machine Shop and Armour Steel Fabricators are working together to create a safe workplace environment for everyone who comes through our doors.

If you would like to see our total recordable injury frequency or WCB rates please contact us for further information.